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[CLU--] Wow, that dream was messed up.
[CLU] Imagine a non-religious cult that has the value systems of extremist southeast US Christians (anti-gay, umm, I forget others) hand picked for mostly being unintelligent, that are trained to attack any targets who are ntelligent and ambitious enough to invent technoology better than they can understand and use. They organize mob style hits, have technology that can jam cell phons for miles around, pipe propoganda over loudspeakers like Muslim prayers, and they're basically expected to inbreed and be pedophiles.
[CLU] Also, they were all really good at bowling.
[CLU] Seemed to be set in the standard alternate US world all my dreams were set in. They killed everyone in my apartment building but kept me because I was lazy (if intelligent) and ingenious enough to dodge their hit long enough to act like I agree with them during the loudspeaker propoganda.
[CLU] Boy, are they in for a surprise - my "dream world" alter ego can fly and shoot lightning.
[CLU] Just seemed like every possible negative cult or religion stereotype neatly packaged into one. Would be quite the scary group if it existed in real life.

Had to write this up so I remember later that I am "friendly" to them if they re-occur, as most things in my dreams do. It does seem a lot like it's a persistent world, like I'm astral projecting into an alternate Earth. Also, that I might reference in later for another awesome sci-fi plot.
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[Swigert] no, Bush et all made it look like it using Israeli/Zionist/Jew equipment made at Area 61
[Swigert] 51
[Swigert] Halliburton strikes again
[CLU] Jew stuff at Area 51?
[CLU] So it wasn't a flying saucer, but a flying... crap, I can't think of anything Jewish that is saucer shaped.
[Swigert] clu: a yarmulke? :)
[CLU] Oh, right.
[CLU] Or that's just what the aliens built the ship to look like. Or they designed their human disguises to be some religion and the hats were shaped like the ship.
[CLU] And that's why there are holocaust deniers - Jews didn't exist before the 50s, and their history was brain-implanted, and the deniers resisted the altered memories.
[CLU] Awesome.
[CLU] I have my next sci-fi blockbuster plot after I direct and produce a Scientology based movie.
[Smythe] that movie would never get made
[Smythe] too political
[CLU] Nah, it's fully fictional sci-fi.
[CLU] It would get denied for being too unbelievable rather than too political, heh.
[CLU] More so than alien bacteria and Xenu. More so than alien bacteria and Xenu.
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[18:10] Desirsar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vega
[18:11] Desirsar: Not even going to go into how I got to that article, heh.
[18:11] Desirsar: Anyway... if it's spinning that fast and its "dust disc" is only a millimeter thick, couldn't it be the missing heavy metals from the star?
[18:11] Desirsar: If it's spinning almost fast enough for the star to break up entirely, wouldn't the heavier metals spin out easier than the helium and hydrogen?
[18:12] Desirsar: And form the small disc for the same physics reasons stated.
[18:12] Desirsar: Thin disc, rather.
[19:13] Desirsar: It's like I should be an astrophysicist.
[19:13] Desirsar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermassive_black_hole
[19:13] Desirsar: If the density gets lower as it acquires more mass, wouldn't the pressure from the gravity eventually expel the extremely low density material?
[19:14] Desirsar: Seems like there isn't one Big Bang, but every galaxy individually bursts after it sucks itself in.

So, yes, this is what I do when I'm sick and can't go to bowling league. (I was playing a video game before this. I got distracted reading astronomy articles for about 90 minutes.)
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[18:30] Desirsar: I love those signs.
[18:30] Desirsar: http://www.cnn.com/2010/CRIME/10/06/washington.free.speech.trial/index.html?hpt=T2
[18:30] Desirsar: If you're Christian and holding a God Hates America sign, but still living here... isn't that kind of risky?
[18:30] Desirsar: That means you're still American, and therefore hated...
[18:31] Desirsar: You know, that article makes me realize that we need new protest laws.
[18:31] Desirsar: Not targeting any groups or types of protests in particular...
[18:32] Desirsar: But making protests against the wrong target illegal.
[18:33] Desirsar: If some funeral is for a gay soldier, did he send himself to war? No, protest outside a military base. Does he make the laws for or against homosexuality? No, go protest outside the legislature. If someone is getting an abortion, do they make the law allowing it? No, go protest at the legislature again.
[18:34] Desirsar: I would even go so far as to make giving media coverage of such illegal protests an accomplice charge. It's better that media never cover protests anyway.
[18:34] Desirsar: If you want to get on TV with it, buy the air time.
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I am confused by a recurring theme in my dreams. If I run into anything that requires fighting, I can fly, shoot lightning (I think the lightning is just the visual effect, and it makes more sense to explain them as tractor beams for how they can be used), and can manipulate my own density and mass without changing my distance per time acceleration, meaning my strength and ability to exert force goes up exponentially. These parts are all boring and can be explained. The confusing part - why do I run around everywhere on my hands? Even when I'm not applying my powers, I have a tendency to run around places on my hands, which is faster than using my feet (though not as fast as running around using all four limbs, but I rarely do that), but my balance doing that isn't great without activating other powers, and I fall over a lot. I can barely do a handstand in real life, never mind attempting to walk on my hands (not that I haven't tried.)
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Officially, down eight pounds in one week just from a change in diet. If I convince myself to get outside and start high intensity impact cardio training, I could pretend to get back the 4.5 40-yard time.
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A quick inventory of the garbage at my apartment :

Tostitos Scoops and Bean & Cheese dip.
Two bags of Lay's Kettle Cooked Chips in jalapeno.
Empty two liter of Dr. Pepper, half of two liter of Coke still in the refrigerator.
Four empty 20 oz bottles of Dr. Pepper Cherry.
McDonald's bag - I think I had a Big Mac, large fries, and McChicken.
Burger King bag - I know I had a Whopper Jr., large fries, and two double cheeseburgers.
Taco Bell bag - Probably a Five Layer Burrito, Chicken Burrito, and Double Decker Taco.
Skor, Heath, and 5th Avenue candy bar wrappers.
Another McDonald's bag - probably a Double Quarter Pounder meal and McChicken.
Another Burgrer King bag - no idea what I had, that was too long ago.

That is probably a week and a half worth of food, mind you, I tended to only buy it once a day, and would eat the last of some cold fast food twelve hours later.

Inventory of the refrigerator after the trip to the grocery store :

Low sodium tomato soup
Wheat bread
Brown rice
Chicken breasts
Lots of eggs
Green lettuce
Non-instant oatmeal

I also have leftover peanut butter, jelly (that I will likely not use), and instant oatmeal (that I will probably use really close to its expiration date in some months.)

234 pounds currently, for reference. The "before" pictures will be taken now, but will be posted along with the "after" pictures in a couple weeks. Yes, "weeks", probably only two. Took me only that long to drop 25 pounds eating calculated meals six times a day and working out at least three days a week (I will go for seven now, and that's not even including bowling.)

I also bought Q-Tips, because my ears are driving me nuts. Takes forever for them to dry or even properly wash the exterior of when the wax is built up. I don't even "clean" the inner ear like most people do, I just use them to dry my ears, and the excess wax comes with it without destroying all of the wax.
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[17:46] Desirsar: Polite hints don't work and making fun of their intelligence doesn't work.
[17:46] Desirsar: What's the trick to getting people to realize they are doing something a stupid way (in sports or in a video game) and change it?
[17:47] Desirsar: I do need more practice at articulate insults, but I just can't pull off being evil all the time.
[17:47] Desirsar: I've even tried researching it, but I can't find any good guides on how to be evil.
[17:47] Desirsar: There was the girl at the cash register at the union today.
[17:48] Desirsar: I don't know if she failed third grade math or it was her first job or both.
[17:48] Desirsar: Guy bought something, presumably .X9 cents.
[17:48] Desirsar: He paid in change, aimed at getting a penny back (which he tossed in the penny dish anyway)
[17:48] Desirsar: She typed the wrong number on the register.
[17:49] Desirsar: But when it's cash, it doesn't affect the count at the end of the shift unless the register asks you to input the exact bills and coins given.
[17:49] Desirsar: (It can mess up check and credit card counts if they are kept separately, of course.)
[17:49] Desirsar: So you just give the correct change based on what they gave you, which shouldn't be hard with a two digit price and two digit amount of cash.
[17:50] Desirsar: And I was very tempted to say something like that, but couldn't actually do it.
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Meaty Meaty Moo.

Also, I am in the process of going through every page on the best site I have ever found - a database of pro wrestling stats. http://www.profightdb.com/

For those who were not aware, I now listen to Korean music more than Japanese music, but I still follow all the same Japanese groups.
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I've always imagined being able to project my consciousness in a permanent way into my body in the past. Sure, plenty of people say "if I knew then what I know now", but no one thinks about the logistics of it. First, if it happens as a surprise, you'd better hope you memorized all critical details that you wanted, and write them down quickly when you get there. Better if you get to plan it a bit and work on memorizing things like when certain stocks boom or who wins which major sports championships (or anything else people bet on. These are only the obvious things that everyone should do in this situation, I would have many more dates and events I want to remember.)

Then I thought about the practicality. If you're permanently disabled in some way in the future and you go back to have a healthy body and avoid the injury, that alone is worth the effort. Going back to change specific minor events in your life is hardly worth it unless you're getting Groundhog Day-like repeat attempts until you're satisfied with the result. In most of the scenarios I imagine, I would go back to particular days when I was between 5 and 12 years old. Then I thought about some of the things I would have to decide on. The first and most difficult is - which girl you met in your entire life that you "missed" the first time would you choose to go after the second time, knowing how you screwed it up once - assuming you've even met them the first time around. Do I choose someone I knew in school? No offense to anyone, but most of them turned out fairly average and very few would be someone I would want to date now. The next most obvious choices would be famous people now. I thought about Japanese and Korean pop singers specifically because I was listening to that at the time, but you could fill this in with any example. Most of the ones I listen to are around 20 years old now - at the ages I would want to go back to, many would even be born yet! Would you really want to wait as much as 20 years for them to be old enough to go after? Would you want to spend a lot of your gambling and stock market gained resources arranging for you to be able to meet them at the right timing? In many of my cases, I would have to arrange it so they would never become a celebrity to begin with. Would that change events in their life in general enough that they wouldn't be like the version you remember and still someone you would be interested in?

Basically, I've come to the conclusion that, other than to prevent or recover from serious injury, I would probably not want to redo much (other than starting college at a normal time after high school, finishing a degree quickly, and actually playing sports through college, and probably end up as a professional player or get into the pro wrestling industry much sooner and at a much more booming time.) Instead of redoing events and potentially using up another 20 years to meet or re-meet someone specific and potentially screwing it up again, I think I would be better off putting effort into improving my chances of "positive events" moving forward more than I currently do, so I'm in the right place at the right time the first time around.