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Since someone posted some comments, I thought I'd actually update again. (If only there were an app to update LiveJournal on a Palm Pre. Well, I guess the web browser is functional enough, I have no excuse.)

Got banned January 9th from a soccer MMO called Football Superstars for "making available a site which contains offensive images", to summarize their argument. I still say, at least by their definition, that linking Google to someone and having them search for something that returns porn would make me guilty of violating their rules, too. It was a personal action of one of the staff and not enforcement of any rules, and it's probably why the staff under him knows I'm playing the game again on an alternate account and they're not reporting it to him.

PhotobucketIce Cream

Here's the link to the full album - http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e380/Desirsar2/

It's a random collection of junk that I found amusing on forums or IRC or wherever. (My last Photobucket account got banned for posted animated GIFs with any amount of nudity in them, sadly. Lost all the awesome ones I'd collected in there.)

I now regularly bowl a 180-200 average, hoping to destroy everyone in singles and doubles in the city tournament Saturday.

There are mostly no cute Japanese students left at UNL (I'm not really interested in exchange students.) So sad. I am kind of curious how we will pull off another Japan Night since there is basically no one left.

Had some very... interesting... dreams lately, a few of which lead me to believe I am more connected to elemental fire than electricity, and that I should actually "study" to be evil. Sadly, I am a poor student and still like videos of fluffy kitties and bunnies.

Still no girlfriend, obviously. Not even any cute ones to ask out in my classes this semester, and I don't go enough places to run into any randomly. I really need to find a new hobby where I'm going to different places...

Edit - Oh! I see a couple entries back that I was wrong... I DID find the Lando in Skiff Guard Disguise commercial! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL34yDROzyY

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