(CLU) (desirsar) wrote,

I am confused as to what just happened...

I got to the bus stop about 5 minutes earlier than the bus leaves the main station/stop/thing, from which it has to drive a few blocks to get to the union bus stop. A girl walked up about 5 minutes after the time it leaves the station and asks if the same bus I normally take (49 route) has been by already. I say no, because I'm waiting for that one, and a conversation starts between us and some other guy also waiting on a bus (he never said which) about how early or late they are, and how the shuttle busses are almost always 20 minutes off either early or late. I was sure I saw the correct number and route name on the bus as it pulled up. I got on, she didn't. After noticing this, I looked at the map posted on the bus, which usually has its route map and pamphlets in a separate container from the others, and it looked like the 40. No problem, it crosses routes with the 49, I'll just get off there, cross the street, and catch the more late 49, or so I thought. It took an unusual route at first, but then I noticed its map was a detour map. It ended up starting on the 49 route, and I figured at the point it would likely diverge, I would get off and walk down a bike trail home just because it was there. The bus ended up turning before that, still following the 49 route instead. It did this so much so, that I got off at 33rd and Huntington and walked, just in case the bus finally diverged to its normal route, but it turned down the same street the 49 takes.

Did I get on the wrong bus that was really detouring that far along another route, or did she miss her bus after asking if she'd made it in time?

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