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[19:35] Desirsar: http://drezner.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2009/08/18/theory_of_international_politics_and_zombies
[19:35] Desirsar: The answer to the first comment is obvious - if the motivation is attacking anything they sense nearby that is alive or eating brains, they get out of a buried coffin by digging upward.
[19:36] Desirsar: If they're classic slow zombies, they dig until they eventually get out, but it's a slow process.
[19:36] Desirsar: I think all zombie movies get it wrong, though.
[19:36] Desirsar: They would decay enough plus having to scratch through a wood (or tougher material) coffin such that they would have no fingers, or probably even hands, when they got out.
[19:37] Desirsar: Imagine years on end of your style of playing Track and Field.

(My friend built a MAME cabinet out of the 30" Atari showcase cabinet. The way he mashes the buttons playing Track and Field, he gouged a chunk out of the wood used for the controls, and he would wear down his fingernails and have bleeding fingers for days after.)

[19:38] Desirsar: The entertaining thought to that concept is the idea of zombies who broke down enough trying to dig out that they eventually have just stumps for arms and legs, ineffective for digging their way out, and just writhe around underground on their stumps for eternity or until someone is unlucky enough to dig them up.
[19:38] Desirsar: At least they'd be easy to kill.

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