(CLU) (desirsar) wrote,

[17:46] Desirsar: Polite hints don't work and making fun of their intelligence doesn't work.
[17:46] Desirsar: What's the trick to getting people to realize they are doing something a stupid way (in sports or in a video game) and change it?
[17:47] Desirsar: I do need more practice at articulate insults, but I just can't pull off being evil all the time.
[17:47] Desirsar: I've even tried researching it, but I can't find any good guides on how to be evil.
[17:47] Desirsar: There was the girl at the cash register at the union today.
[17:48] Desirsar: I don't know if she failed third grade math or it was her first job or both.
[17:48] Desirsar: Guy bought something, presumably .X9 cents.
[17:48] Desirsar: He paid in change, aimed at getting a penny back (which he tossed in the penny dish anyway)
[17:48] Desirsar: She typed the wrong number on the register.
[17:49] Desirsar: But when it's cash, it doesn't affect the count at the end of the shift unless the register asks you to input the exact bills and coins given.
[17:49] Desirsar: (It can mess up check and credit card counts if they are kept separately, of course.)
[17:49] Desirsar: So you just give the correct change based on what they gave you, which shouldn't be hard with a two digit price and two digit amount of cash.
[17:50] Desirsar: And I was very tempted to say something like that, but couldn't actually do it.

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