(CLU) (desirsar) wrote,

A quick inventory of the garbage at my apartment :

Tostitos Scoops and Bean & Cheese dip.
Two bags of Lay's Kettle Cooked Chips in jalapeno.
Empty two liter of Dr. Pepper, half of two liter of Coke still in the refrigerator.
Four empty 20 oz bottles of Dr. Pepper Cherry.
McDonald's bag - I think I had a Big Mac, large fries, and McChicken.
Burger King bag - I know I had a Whopper Jr., large fries, and two double cheeseburgers.
Taco Bell bag - Probably a Five Layer Burrito, Chicken Burrito, and Double Decker Taco.
Skor, Heath, and 5th Avenue candy bar wrappers.
Another McDonald's bag - probably a Double Quarter Pounder meal and McChicken.
Another Burgrer King bag - no idea what I had, that was too long ago.

That is probably a week and a half worth of food, mind you, I tended to only buy it once a day, and would eat the last of some cold fast food twelve hours later.

Inventory of the refrigerator after the trip to the grocery store :

Low sodium tomato soup
Wheat bread
Brown rice
Chicken breasts
Lots of eggs
Green lettuce
Non-instant oatmeal

I also have leftover peanut butter, jelly (that I will likely not use), and instant oatmeal (that I will probably use really close to its expiration date in some months.)

234 pounds currently, for reference. The "before" pictures will be taken now, but will be posted along with the "after" pictures in a couple weeks. Yes, "weeks", probably only two. Took me only that long to drop 25 pounds eating calculated meals six times a day and working out at least three days a week (I will go for seven now, and that's not even including bowling.)

I also bought Q-Tips, because my ears are driving me nuts. Takes forever for them to dry or even properly wash the exterior of when the wax is built up. I don't even "clean" the inner ear like most people do, I just use them to dry my ears, and the excess wax comes with it without destroying all of the wax.

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