(CLU) (desirsar) wrote,

I am confused by a recurring theme in my dreams. If I run into anything that requires fighting, I can fly, shoot lightning (I think the lightning is just the visual effect, and it makes more sense to explain them as tractor beams for how they can be used), and can manipulate my own density and mass without changing my distance per time acceleration, meaning my strength and ability to exert force goes up exponentially. These parts are all boring and can be explained. The confusing part - why do I run around everywhere on my hands? Even when I'm not applying my powers, I have a tendency to run around places on my hands, which is faster than using my feet (though not as fast as running around using all four limbs, but I rarely do that), but my balance doing that isn't great without activating other powers, and I fall over a lot. I can barely do a handstand in real life, never mind attempting to walk on my hands (not that I haven't tried.)

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