(CLU) (desirsar) wrote,


[18:10] Desirsar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vega
[18:11] Desirsar: Not even going to go into how I got to that article, heh.
[18:11] Desirsar: Anyway... if it's spinning that fast and its "dust disc" is only a millimeter thick, couldn't it be the missing heavy metals from the star?
[18:11] Desirsar: If it's spinning almost fast enough for the star to break up entirely, wouldn't the heavier metals spin out easier than the helium and hydrogen?
[18:12] Desirsar: And form the small disc for the same physics reasons stated.
[18:12] Desirsar: Thin disc, rather.
[19:13] Desirsar: It's like I should be an astrophysicist.
[19:13] Desirsar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermassive_black_hole
[19:13] Desirsar: If the density gets lower as it acquires more mass, wouldn't the pressure from the gravity eventually expel the extremely low density material?
[19:14] Desirsar: Seems like there isn't one Big Bang, but every galaxy individually bursts after it sucks itself in.

So, yes, this is what I do when I'm sick and can't go to bowling league. (I was playing a video game before this. I got distracted reading astronomy articles for about 90 minutes.)
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