(CLU) (desirsar) wrote,

[Swigert] no, Bush et all made it look like it using Israeli/Zionist/Jew equipment made at Area 61
[Swigert] 51
[Swigert] Halliburton strikes again
[CLU] Jew stuff at Area 51?
[CLU] So it wasn't a flying saucer, but a flying... crap, I can't think of anything Jewish that is saucer shaped.
[Swigert] clu: a yarmulke? :)
[CLU] Oh, right.
[CLU] Or that's just what the aliens built the ship to look like. Or they designed their human disguises to be some religion and the hats were shaped like the ship.
[CLU] And that's why there are holocaust deniers - Jews didn't exist before the 50s, and their history was brain-implanted, and the deniers resisted the altered memories.
[CLU] Awesome.
[CLU] I have my next sci-fi blockbuster plot after I direct and produce a Scientology based movie.
[Smythe] that movie would never get made
[Smythe] too political
[CLU] Nah, it's fully fictional sci-fi.
[CLU] It would get denied for being too unbelievable rather than too political, heh.
[CLU] More so than alien bacteria and Xenu. More so than alien bacteria and Xenu.

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