(CLU) (desirsar) wrote,

[CLU--] Wow, that dream was messed up.
[CLU] Imagine a non-religious cult that has the value systems of extremist southeast US Christians (anti-gay, umm, I forget others) hand picked for mostly being unintelligent, that are trained to attack any targets who are ntelligent and ambitious enough to invent technoology better than they can understand and use. They organize mob style hits, have technology that can jam cell phons for miles around, pipe propoganda over loudspeakers like Muslim prayers, and they're basically expected to inbreed and be pedophiles.
[CLU] Also, they were all really good at bowling.
[CLU] Seemed to be set in the standard alternate US world all my dreams were set in. They killed everyone in my apartment building but kept me because I was lazy (if intelligent) and ingenious enough to dodge their hit long enough to act like I agree with them during the loudspeaker propoganda.
[CLU] Boy, are they in for a surprise - my "dream world" alter ego can fly and shoot lightning.
[CLU] Just seemed like every possible negative cult or religion stereotype neatly packaged into one. Would be quite the scary group if it existed in real life.

Had to write this up so I remember later that I am "friendly" to them if they re-occur, as most things in my dreams do. It does seem a lot like it's a persistent world, like I'm astral projecting into an alternate Earth. Also, that I might reference in later for another awesome sci-fi plot.

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