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Yes, expect to see t-shirts for this on CafePress soon...

Posted publicy to serve as a creation date and reference.

Brand name for t-shirt line, "EnoJoy". T-shirts would be a joke referencing a fictional energy drink and breast growth enhancing drink from Japan, called EnoJoy, of course.

"Have a fearless smile today. Feel a Joy. EnoJoy."

For the depressed kids who wear too much eyeliner and listen to The Cure, EmoJoy.

Copyright by John Danielson, 2009
Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

A quote from a Slashdot comment...

"I don't see how believing that "a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree" is any saner than the Xenu story."
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More countries need to tax cargo coming in by ship by the port of origin rather than the flag under which the vessel is sailing. This would remove the incentive to fly under the flag of tiny nations who receive reduced tariffs in many ports, so ships sailing from a country or are owned by citizens of a country with a huge navy can simply appear with a few dozen ships, turn any would-be pirates into fine particles floating on the ocean surface, and eventually silly piracy stops (except against ships that are actually from the tiny nations, I suppose...)
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Awesome. Conspiracies that aren't only repeated by homeless people or gun collectors...


The one I like most is Scientology. I have always thought the story behind the religion would make the best sci-fi movie plot ever, and it could even star Travolta and Cruise to have some decent acting. Thinking about it again, while reading an article about conspiracies, however... L. Ron Hubbard very likely wrote an excellent sci-fi novel. It probably didn't sell as well as he'd intially hoped, until some crazed but charismatic readers decided it was their religion. As they made converts, the sales took off. Seeing this, Hubbard decided he'd make more money writing "religious text" than "sci fi", so he went with it. Unfortunately for the followers, and anyone affected by them today, he died before he could reveal that it was all just a story...
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A great comment on a Slashdot article...

From what I can recall, scientistsdiscussed a correlation between pollution and global warming back inthe early 1970's. So, since then, we cleaned up emissions from cars,emissions from factories, heck, people are using CF bulbs to reduce theuse of electricity. Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Hot Water heaterscontinue to improve in efficiency indirectly reducing pollution. Woodand coal are not used as prevalently for heating homes; and the listgoes on.

Shouldn't we be able to see some evidence of all thesechanges, of all the struggling to slow global warming, shouldn't therebe some sign that it's working? Year after year we keep hearing that"We have to stop using this, or stop doing that" and we do, and yet,there has never been anyone who has ever said "IT'S WORKING!!!!!"

Ifthe scientists have proof that humans are causing global warming, thenthey should also have proof that all of the things we have done havehelped, no matter how little.

I don't deny that the climate ischanging, it's just that year after year with no word that anythinghumans have done to lessen their impact on the environment has helped,it makes me wonder if it's even worth the effort.

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All that work looking up physics principles on lasers... not even considering design and size requirements, including power requirements...

As much as I want a portable (preferably entirely handheld) megawatt 122mm wavelength laser, no matter how you focus it, its effective range in an atmosphere as the length of an object would be smaller than the human eye can see.
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I should update more often, but nothing ever happens worth writing about. Some girl asked me to roll a strike for her against her friends at the bowling alley, and she was even cute, but I was disappointed that she didn't try talking to me more after that. (I guess if you're surrounded by open bowlers during $1 a game specials rolling 180 average games, they think you're good or something.)
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A great article on piracy, if a little old...


The relative prices of games to average income in various countries is the most interesting part to look at, but the general attitude and stupidity of the industry as a whole are amusing as well. (To think I ran across this article trying to find a crack for a game... For the record, a game that I will buy a legal copy of when I next have spare money for it, whether or not I am able to find a crack now, which is the case for almost everything I pirate.)
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"Because the bible tells them to force their morality upon you. Which isbetter than islam, which says force your morality upon you and kill youdead if you refuse. Lol, people need to become atheists and a lot ofproblems would end. I don't see two people arguing and trying to killeach other over whose non-belief is more pure or more accurate."

"I find it very curious how addiction studies focus mainly on male dominated activities. I am sure if females did it it would not be called an addiction.

Shoe fetishism is rarely called an addiction but I have seen women who spend their whole selves looking for the ugliest shoes."

"38% of US gamers are female, and some sources say as many as 2/3rds of MMORPG gamers are female. (Then again, how many of those are only pretending?)"


"Here's an attempted proof why playing as a female character is moremanly than playing a male character (assuming you're male, and not ahardcore RPer):

You have to look at your character all the time. You dressthem up, you give them new stuff, you make them dance and do socials.You watch them beat the crap out of stuff and cast spells all day long.It makes more sense to me as a guy to be watching a hot femalecharacter do all those things rather than some buff, half-naked,hercules lookin fella."

And people wonder why I play girl characters in games more than male characters. (And they overlook that I have the same male character in every game as well, in some form since the first use in TorilMUD in 1994. The nice part about the name Desirsar is that it's never taken anywhere - Google it sometime, all the hits are me. Actually, you probably shouldn't do that, I've signed up for some pretty weird sites and rarely use an alternative name...)