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desirsar's Journal

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19 September
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I'm majoring in communication and minoring in Spanish and Japanese at the University of Nebraska. I listen to heavy metal music and Japanese pop music (mostly death metal anymore.) I play guitar and sing, and rarely write my own stuff as well. I waste entirely too much time playing video games and computer games. I am a huge fan of pro wrestling, and I am getting my particular major/minor combination in order to commentate pro wrestling in Japan or the US, and translate for the foreign workers. I play many different sports whenever I get the chance. Baseball and soccer are my best, and football and basketball are not far behind. I train in a hybrid of jeet kune do, muay thai, shotokan karate, and amateur wrestling. I am also very interested in mixed martial arts, such as Pride and UFC, and if I can't commentate wrestling, I will commentate martial arts.

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